101 AI Prompt Articles for Marketers - AI Assisted PLR

101 AI Prompt Articles for Marketers – AI Assisted PLR

101 AI Prompt Articles for Marketers – AI Assisted PLR (Under $0.17/Page) This is a bundle of 101 individual articles called 101 AI Prompt Articles for Marketers. I worked with AI to come up with the topics for each article and the outlines of what went into it before having it deliver what I wanted. I played a heavy role in initiating what went into it. This is something that I can price much cheaper, just under $0.17 per page rather than $2 per page for the limited PLR. This PLR will not be limited in quantity, and you can do the same things with it – edit them, put your name on them, etc. Use the content in different ways if you want to use them as blog posts, email autoresponders, compile them into a lead magent, use them as social media content – or bundle it up as an inf product. Sometimes, the process of using AI gets covered so broadly that I feel like new users stay confused because the concepts are glossed over. For example, someone might read that they can prompt AI for a specific task, but besides a single example, it’s not discussed in more depth. I went to work curating the best things AI is commonly used for by online entrepreneurs – primarily for text content development, but some other tasks, too – including guidance, research, brainstorming, analysis, and more. One by one, I took an extremely narrow focus so that AI could discuss in full detail how to use it to complete one specific task. So instead of a broad tip like “Use AI to help optimize your content,” where there’s too much to cram into a single article, we’ve extracted it to be specific concepts like Prompts for Getting AI to Create a Meta Description for Your Content or Prompts to Brainstorming Article Titles Using a Keyword Phrase. That way, the reader gest to fully learn each idea with several example prompts in different ways and sometimes, including the results of what they can deliver.

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